Dear Everyone, I pulled an all-nighter on my vacation and came out with an idea. I actually got the inspiration from the Hunger Games Wiki. Its basically a portal, which links you everywhere. And hence i decided to draw it out by hand about what i thought it would look like for our wiki, although, of course, this is going to change like mad when i come back from vacation and have new ideas. I am literally the worst person at Art, so feel free to laugh at me when you see that image map I've posted, but don't laugh at me too much. -.- And of course, after that, I have new ideas to customize our home page to make it look epic... But for now... its the pathetic image that I drew. 3:

Yours Truly,


I NEED HELP FOR THE HOME PAGE.... How do you move the right column up? AAAAHHHHH D:

THE HOME PAGE IS DONEEE! Please gimme your feedback! It's appreciated!

I'm back from vacation for now, but i'll be leaving again on Monday... Could we possibly have an admin meeting tmr (for some of you today) at 24:00 Wikia UTC time? Weeeeee xD

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