Lately, I have observed that many of the admins around here have been fighting about this, that or the other almost every week. I know we all want this to wiki to turn into a nice one and not the KC Wiki(which was vandal city), but in order to do that we are going to have to work harder to communicate with each other.

Here are a couple of suggestions from myself:

  • Before making major decisions, consult ALL admins, not just two or three. Some of us have been felt left out when the other admins make decisions without us (not including missed admin meetings, in which you could ask for what was discussed).
  • As Dany has suggested before, have an admin meeting every 2-3 weeks to touch base and see if anyone has had problems with anything on the wiki. I know this may seem excessive, but as I have stated before, communications between all admins has been lacking lately and it seems to have caused some problems. It is possible to have all of us in chat at the same time (except Son of Zeus who I have no idea about).

Please tell me if you think anything else could help or if the ideas above would possibly work out.

Birdqueen ※ (Talk Page)

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