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hey guys, Epicness here, I was wondering if when the series comes out if we are going to delete some god pages. There are 2 sides of a debate here, if we should keep god pages even if they are not featured in the book so people can have a learning recourse or we will delete them because they have nothing to do with the series. Post what you think we should do.

PoseidonEpicness45-God of Epicness 20:17, December 31, 2013 (UTC)

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Well, if some of the minor gods don't appear in the series(such as Beyla, or Frigg's other servents) we should delete them, but keep all the major gods. I'm going to assume that most of the major gods will appear or be mentioned anyway. We could still keep the not confirmed for series category for those that don't appear/are mentioned as they may appear in later books. Birdqueen ※ (Talk Page) 20:22, December 31, 2013 (UTC)


Yes, maybe we should just update gods (minor) as the book go. I haven't seen any god, demigod, monster etc on the camp half-blood wiki if they are not mentioned.

Let's wait for the admins to state their opinions.

Some minor gods might appear but we're not completely sure. I agree with Bird, maybe we should keep the major gods. Indeed, we will obviously need to delete some pages later, but right now, I think we can have them.


Yep, delete the minor gods pages that don't appear in the series and keep the major gods pages even if they don't appear because users can still use them for reference, if they like.


Even if we do not use some pages for reference we should wait for the series to finish, any small books (example:Demigod Files) or any official Rick Riordan books relating to this series so we don't be all like "DANGIT! We deleted this character/item/animal/god because we didn't see him/her/it in book 1 but he/her/it appears in book 3. Now I have to create this page all over again.

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